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Isn't there something so mesmerising about Flamingos?  Their exquisite colourings, their ancient eyes and totally unique body shape. 


The way they group in huge numbers (known as a flamboyance!) and dance together.  The love they emit to all is unparalleled.  Over 30 million years old these ancient almost dragon like beings have so much to teach us about love and living in balance. 


Their colouring evokes our heart chakra and calls us to open up to unconditional and flowing love.  Tune into their hearts and souls and listen to their whisperings, you will surely remember so much that feels true and real.


I co created this original piece on pastelmat paper using soft pastels.  I am delighted to offer this piece as a beautiful Sinterix print in small and large sizes, so you can bring him into your home or work space.


As Flamingos are not currently endangered I have chosen to donate 10% of all sales to my local Derbyshire Wildlife Trust who are working tirelessly to protect wildlife in their natural environment.

"Flamingo Love" Prints

PriceFrom £40.00
  • Small - 29.7cm X 21cm

    Large - 40cm x 30cm

    Prints are on Conqueror Wove High White 360gsm paper and printed to Giclee equivilent standards.

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