These stunningly wild felines hold a space very close to my heart. My maternal ancestors clan McIntosh have the Scottish Wildcat as their emblem along with the motto “Nev’r Touch The Cat Bot (Without) A Glove” and their wild nature is so very appealing to me.


When you connect with these wild cats you are inviting into your life the wild calling of your heart and soul to follow your true path and to lead yourself back towards your purpose and calling. Felines always help us to become more effective and ethical leaders and teach us how to be in balance with the divine feminine and masculine too.


Sadly, these beautiful felines are critically endangered, in part due to human encroachment, hunting and persecution and in part as they are inbreeding with domestic cats. Yet there is hope and you can help support the project helping to reverse their extinction by investing in my artwork of this feisty Scottish Wildcat.


I co created this original of this piece on crisp white cartridge paper using Polychromos pencils.  I am delighted to offer this original piece mounted and ready to frame.


I donate 10% of all sales of this piece to Saving Wildcats who are working hard to prevent the extinction of these critically endangered felines in their natural habitat.

"The Highland Tiger" Original

  • Original Piece, mounted and ready to frame measures 41cm x 32cm.

  • UK delivery is included in the pricing.  For overseas orders please contact me to get a cost price quote for packing and postage.  Sadly, due to the unreliability of local postal services I do not ship to South Africa.