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Let My Art Serve As A Constant Reminder of our deep interconnectedness with all living bei

"Great Bear of the North"
Wild Soul Collection

Honouring celtic wildlife wisdom through intuitive art

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Learn From The Ancient Ones

Each Friday at 10am (UK) I go live and share the incredible wisdom and energy of a different wild species to help you navigate your life with greater alignment with nature. 


Join me there or watch the replays by clicking the button below and subscribing over on my channel.


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I am graced with being the owner of several original pieces of Jules’ work. Jules’ art is irresistible, not only for the sheer beauty of each piece, but because each rendering springs from her rare gift of her soul connection to the animal’s original medicine (spiritual gifts and messages.)


As I read the message of her most recent painting, Owl, Silent Wisdom, I realize she carries and channels the wisdom of Owl.


She possesses not only the artist eye but also carries a stillness and awareness of the subtle signs and symbols that each animal possesses.


She holds a deep reverence for all animals which adds to her ability to bring life to each painting.


All these gorgeous movements are brought to each piece of her artwork. Anyone who owns a piece of her work lives in gratitude.



“I was so very surprised and delighted to receive the notification advising that I had won a print from Jules.  


When I viewed the selection my heart was immediately drawn to Mrs Rabbit which captures the very soul essence of this lovely fellow creature.

I could see and sense, when I viewed the print on Jules' website, this little lady almost moving and shimmering with her timidity.  


At the same time her eye, which draws the viewer in so much, shows that wonderful connection between animal and artist.


To look into a fellow creature's eyes is surely to enter into another universe.  


When the print arrived it confirmed my thoughts and will soon be displayed in my home.


I know that each time I view it I shall be freshly entranced.  Thank you Jules for the opportunity to enter another fellow creature's universe.”


I was SO delighted when Jules first shared that she would be adding a Robin to her Wild Britain collection and, even before he was finished, I knew I wanted to offer this beautiful piece – my namesake - a home here in Wales!  

I’ve loved Jules’ work for over a decade now, having first met her on an Animal Communication workshop that she led back in 2011.  I then attended a couple of conferences that she co founded called “Awakening To Animals”, and bought a copy of her amazing book, “The Purpose of Species".

All Jules’ work is co-created with the animals themselves and truly captures their essence and soul.  She is an amazing ambassador and advocate for all animals, using her art to inform and inspire.  I love her Insta Weekly Wildlife Wisdom Lives, sharing insight from a wide range of species.

She is a passionate, deeply caring, uncannily intuitive and profoundly genuine person and this shines through everything that she does.  I’m so honoured to have her as a friend!

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