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Giraffes are such special beings. They look to you to help guide you to see the higher perspective in life, to rise above and to perceive what the future may bring. This gentle, young male calls to you and invites you to work with him, tuning in quietely to his wonderful wisdom.


I co created this original with him on pastelmat paper using soft pastels.  The original piece has been sold but I am delighted to offer beautiful Sinterix prints of him in both Small and Large sizes.


I donate 10% of all sales of this piece to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation who are working hard to protect Giraffes in their natural habitat.

"An Eye To The Future" Prints

PriceFrom £40.00
  • Small - 29.7cm X 21cm

    Large - 40cm x 30cm

    I print to order onto Conqueror Wove High White 360gsm paper using Giclee equivilent Sinterix printing with state of the art printers.

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