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Can you feel the cool, crisp air surrounding and becoming part of this magnificent Polar Bear? As he breaths in the freezing air his great warmth takes the chill away and gives him life in this sub zero habitat he loves and protects.


With a sky full of snow  the North Star twinkles as we near the Winter Solstice.  This Great Bear of the North honours and pays his respects to this sacred time, the time of greatest darkness, the inner journey of renewal, deep rest and reflection and preparation for the new season to come.


This beautiful bear shares his special wisdom - holding the combined energy of fire and ice his kind protect the energy lines of the Northern Earth.  He counsels us to live in truth to who we are and to BE that fully.  He guides us to tune in to our inner voice the quiet whispers that subtley whisper intuitive nudges.  Follow them.  Become a brave and authentic soul and give your gifts to the World.


I co created the original of this piece on pastelmat paper using pan pastels, soft pastel and pastel pencils. 


 I am delighted to offer beautiful Sinterix prints of him in three options, see measurements and details below, so you can bring him into your home or work space, choosing a frame that you love most.


I donate 10% of all sales of Great Bear of the North to Polar Bears International, a Canadian based charity working hard to protect Polar Bears in their natural environment.

"Great Bear of the North" Prints

PriceFrom £22.50
  • Small  - 21cm x 14.8cm (no mount)

    Medium Limited Edition Signed (only 5) 29.7cm X 21cm size includes Mount

    Large - 29.7cm x 21cm (no mount)

    Prints are on Arcoprint Extra White 360gsm paper and printed to Giclee equivilent standards.

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