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Sitting in my art studio I often find myself looking out of my window at the beautiful Sycamore tree, various shrubs and flowers, hedgerows and rolling fields, trees all around.  One such afternoon in early Spring, I spotted a stunning Bullfinch - proudly showing me his bright plummage as he gathered fresh growth from the shrubs. 


I tuned in to him and told him how stunningly beautiful he was and that I was so happy to see him.  I then wondered if he had a partner and asked him if Mrs Bullfinch was near.  To my delight she made herself visible by flying right up close to him in the shrub allowing me to see them both together.  I am always so in awe of the beauty and intelligence of all species and how, when we tune into them on their frequency (love) they respond and communicate in turn.


I asked permission to take some photographs of them both and they agreed.  So my reference photos were created!  I said my heart felt thanks to them both. 


A few days later, I spotted them again in the same place and watched and connected with them.  To my delight and pure honour they allowed me to see them as they mated.  I was over joyed with the thought of them nesting nearby and bringing their babies into the World. 


So I wanted to create with them a beautiful piece to celebrate their unique energy and wisdom, full of joy, always moving and adapting to what is, rising up as they fly to meet new challenges.  Always open to new possibilities and bringing all their joy and energy to meet it.


I co created the original of this piece on crisp white cartridge paper using Polychromos pencils.  I am delighted to offer this original piece mounted and ready to frame.


I donate 10% of all sales of this piece to The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust who are working hard to protect wildlife in their natural habitat.

"Love Is In The Air" Original

  • Original Piece, mounted and ready to frame measures 41cm x 32cm.

  • UK delivery is included in the pricing.  For overseas orders please contact me to get a cost price quote for packing and postage.  Sadly, due to the unreliability of local postal services I do not ship to South Africa.

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