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The Eco Engineers of the Biosphere these amazing beings are truly remarkable at helping to rebalance wild wetlands, repairing and restoring as they go about their natural day to day life. Incredibly resourceful, productive and prolific they will bring great blessings into your home or work space.


We have so much to learn from these incredible beings. Repairing, restoring and balancing our natural world is, in my opinion, the top priority for humanity right now and if we could take a leaf out of their book (or paws!) we would be moving in the right direction.


I co created the original of her on crisp white cartridge paper using Polychromos pencils.


These beautiful cards are perfect for sending to loved ones as a surprise or note in a package.  You can also frame them to make delightful miniature pieces of art for your home or work space.



I donate 10% of all sales of this piece to the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust who are working hard to protect wildlife in its natural habitat here in Derbyshire, UK.

"The Heart Shaped Beaver" Card Packs

PriceFrom £10.50
  • Each Small Greetings Card measures 14.7cm x 10.5cm with envelope

    Each Large Greetings Card measures 17.3cm x 12.6cm with envelope

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