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Badgers hold a very special place in my heart. Earthy, super strong, determined and yet benevolent and nurturing, these amazing beings are holding on to their survival in the UK. The word indomitable seemed to perfectly encompass what Badger energy is all about and many have commented on this piece that it captures that steely determination perfectly.


I loved connecting and working with this amazing beings energy, he really helped me feel that I need to be more earthy and grounded, connected to the land and to remember on deeper and deeper levels that I am a part of the land, of all life, of all nature. He guided me that for us to ground our gifts and talents into the world we much be connected with the Earth and know we are all interconnected.


I loved every minute of co-creating this piece with Badger, he is the sixth piece in my Wild Britain Collection.


I co created the original of this piece on crisp white cartridge paper using Polychromos pencils.  I am delighted to offer beautiful Sinterix loose prints in A4 size  or with a mount, which is a Limited Edition, all ready to frame.



I donate 10% of all sales of this piece to The Badger Trust who are working hard to protect Badgers and their natural habitat in the UK.

"The Indomitable Badger " Prints

PriceFrom £27.50
  • A5 Limited Edition (20) Mounted Print measuring 29.7cm x 21cm (A4)

    A4 Loose Print - 29.7cm X 21cm

    A4 Limited Edition Mounted Print measuring 41cm x 32cm.

    I print to order onto Arcoprint Extra White 360gsm paper using Giclee equivilent Sinterix printing with state of the art printers.

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