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Whilst on an early morning walk a while ago I was fortunate enough to have a close encounter with a black tipped Fox cub, who was as surprised as I was to meet!


I knew instantly that he would be the next soul to join my collection “Wild Britain” and I started to co-create him almost straight away. 


Now you might be wondering what Kenning means… my family are from the Highlands of Scotland and to ken is to know, so he is the Knowing Fox. I love Foxes and find they are widely misunderstood and vilified creatures. Fox’s are smart, adaptive and, of course, knowing and I want to share this truth with others to change the mistaken thinking around these beautiful beings.


Having the Kenning Fox in your home or workspace will encourage you to be more knowing and to work smarter rather than harder.  Looking for ways to make your life easier and more efficient too.  Sit with this beautiful young Fox to get a deeper sense of who the Fox nation really are instead of what human folk have taught us to believe and you will be in awe.


I co created the original of her on crisp white cartridge paper using Polychromos pencils.



These beautiful cards are perfect for sending to loved ones as a surprise or note in a package.  You can also frame them to make delightful miniature pieces of art for your home or work space.


I donate 10% of all sales of this piece to the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust who are working hard to protect wildlife in its natural habitat here in Derbyshire, UK.

"The Kenning Fox" Cards

PriceFrom £10.50
  • Small Greetings Card measures 14.7cm x 10.5cm with envelope

    Large Greetings Card measures 17.3cm x 12.6cm with envelope

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