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I  live in rural Derbyshire and was honoured to have a close encounter with a Merlin Falcon in Spring time.  I drove slowly down a country lane near my cottage when suddenly I spotted this wonderful bird in front of me flying so fast and so low on the road ahead! 

I didn't know at first "who" this was but as he continued to fly so low to the road I began to realise he was a falcon.  As he turned a corner on the road ahead I thought that was the last I'd see of him but to my delight as I came around the bend there he was again!  Still low to the road and then at the last moment he soared upward, landing in an old Oak tree and looked down on me!  WOW! 

Such a beautiful being and so focused and in perfect control and balance.  It was a male Merlin - I could feel a sense of regal elegance and super intelligence.  These beautiful falcons are very rare and I was incredibly fortunate to have this time with him.  I knew I had to come home to my studio and paint him.  I hope you enjoy connecting with his very special energy and wisdom too.


I co created this original piece on pastelmat paper using soft pastels.  I am delighted to offer this image as a range of greetings card packs, so you can enjoy sharing his joy with your loved ones and maybe keep one for youself too.


I donate 10% of all sales to The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust  who are working tirelessly to protect Merlins in their natural environment.

"The Merlin" Card Packs

PriceFrom £10.50
  • Each Small Greetings Card measures 14.7cm x 10.5cm with envelope

    Each Large Greetings Card measures 17.3cm x 12.6cm with envelope

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