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In 2012 Jules (known as Julie Lines at that point) published her fascinating and powerful book - "The Purpose of Species - Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond." A beautiful coffee table book, with an accompanying photographic image or artwork for each of the 44 species messages, this book makes a bold statement on anyone's coffee table. Here's a summary of what this book is all about and who would love to read it;

At this crucial tipping point in planetary evolution, animals have so much to teach us. The Purpose of Species shares their powerful messages for humanity. It shares how they can assist us in our personal rebalancing and how, in turn, this affects the planet and beyond.


The key distinguishing feature of The Purpose of Species is that it is not written from the human perspective. It is written, or more accurately channeled, from the collective consciousness of each species. Each species of animal offers truth from their perspective and their unique heritage. These messages offer insights to humanity about how we progress our evolution.


Many of us are remembering the truth and the interconnectedness of all things. We know that it is essential for us to journey to a state of wholeness. The animals wisdom greatly assists us in achieving this. They help us to; rediscover our authentic selves, be empowered leaders within harmonious communities and to follow our true passions, so that we may provide service for the highest good.


For those of us drawn to animals, one of our roles at this time is to connect deeply with them, to listen intuitively with our hearts to their incredible wisdom and to integrate this into our way of being. An essential part of this integration is to share these messages with as many others as possible. Prepare to be humbled, inspired, challenged and enlightened as you see the truth through the eyes of these incredible souls in animal bodies.

The Purpose of Species Book

  • 106 pages

    Published on 21st December 2012 by Unity Lines Publishing

    Measurements; 21.59 x 0.64 x 27.94cm

    ISBN: 095742650X

  • Free UK Delivery.  For overseas postage please contact me to arrange at cost.

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