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These shy, secretive corvids spent much of their time in the woodlands, they especially love the Oak trees and their acorns and have been known to cach thousands of them each Autumn burying them deeply, helping the Oak trees to move North (who said Trees can't move?)


The Jay has so much wisdom to share, when we listen with our hearts. The Jay shares that sometimes it is best to assume the role of quiet observer, to listen and watch but from a far. To step back and become almost invisible can be a very helpful position to take in certain situations. Tune into Jay energy and listen for the messages that you personally receive from her.  Bring their beautiful energy into your home or office to benefit from this wisdom and energy.


I co created the original of her on crisp white cartridge paper using Polychromos pencils.  I am delighted to offer beautiful Sinterix prints in three options: A5 Mini Limited Edition (20) signed and mounted, A4 loose, or A4 signed Limited Edition (350).


I donate 10% of all sales of this piece to the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust who are working hard to protect wildlife and their natural habitat in Derbyshire, UK.

"The Secretive Jay" Prints

PriceFrom £27.50
  • A5 Limited Edition Mounted Print measuring 29.7cm x 21cm.

    A4 Loose Print - 29.7cm X 21cm

    A4 Limited Edition Mounted Print measuring 41cm x 32cm.

    I print to order onto Arcoprint Extra White 360gsm paper using Giclee equivilent Sinterix printing with state of the art printers.

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