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Snow Fox Kenning (Knowing) To Ignite Your Soul

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I have written before about the wisdom and knowing of the Fox. This very special ancient soul comes to us through the icy storms of mid Winter and imbues our hearts with his bright burning soul.

The Fox is so often badly misrepresented. Forget what you may have been told about this wonderful species of beings. They are the masters of adaptation and using all their senses to guide them safely onward in their lives. Surely, in today's deeply troubled and imbalanced human world we need more than ever to listen and learn from these great teachers.

The bleakest of storms will come and go and yet with kenning (true knowing at a deep soul level) we will prevail. This is one of the messages that the Snow Fox offers to us all.

Going deep within ourselves, tuning in to our ancestors' guidance and staying deeply centred and balanced we can choose to take actions in perfect timing and for the most effective outcomes. Seeking alternatives that help us on our way and not staying stuck in ruts or patterns that no longer serve us, this is a gem of a teaching from these wonderful ones.

Sit quietly now with Snow Fox, settle into your own peace and softy gaze into his eyes. Listen with your heart and soul and he will share much more with you. If Snow Fox is calling to you and you would like to bring him into your home you can invest in the original piece HERE or beautiful sinterix prints HERE. I will have greetings cards and my new calendar Wild Soul featuring Snow Fox as the December soul. I will share news of these when they are available.

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Robyn Harris
Robyn Harris
Oct 27, 2022

Another beautiful piece, and wonderful wisdom Jules! Thank you 😊💙🙏

Replying to

Thank you dear Robyn, I'm so thrilled you love him and yes, such wonderful wisdom oozing from him! Have you seen your local foxes recently? I heard from some of our neighbours that there are still some Foxes here, which really lifted my mood! Love Jules X

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