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Weasel Wisdom

These feisty, tiny mammals are a part of the Mustelid family. They have short legs, long bodies and rounded small ears. They have a strong musk scent and live underground or find low lying hidden places. They are carnivorous.

They eat 1/3rd to 1/2 of their body weight each day, using high levels of energy, feeding little and often.

They have an excellent sense of smell which is perfect for hunting.

So what does these facts tell you about the wisdom and energy of Weasels and how can this inform you and help you balance your life?

Weasels teach us to learn how to get out of tight squeezes or in certain circumstances how to get into these tight spaces that you need to.

They are graceful, solitary and very silent. They are able to find out a lot about others and to move around without detection. They witness many things others will not.

They are powerful silent observers, where would this be of help to you in your life?

They seek out secrets and trust their instincts that all will work out ok even if they go it alone.

They are also fiercesome hunters and protectors, they use their power with speed and accuracy, they use it wisely.

Do you need to develop your observation skills, are you too vocal in your pursuits? Do you dig deeply enough to achieve your goals? Are there narrow spaces you need to squeeze through?

Are you missing the obvious in areas of your life? Are you seeing all of the truth, Weasel energy will help you to see it.

Focused attention, in the moment and staying concentrated are also key skills Weasel will help you to attain.

They encourage you to trust your intuition and gut feel and to trust that you know the right way for you.

They also teach you how to stand up for what you believe in and to fight for justice - with morals.

Can you connect with Weasel wisdom? What are they calling you to rebalance in your life and how can you do this?

If you love Weasel energy and wisdom please visit my "Weasel Huntress" over at my shop. She is a part of my Wild Britain Collection. You can view her HERE - my original fine art piece HERE, as a Sinterix print and HERE as a greetings card.

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