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Welcome! My Wildlife Wisdom Blog Has Arrived!

Welcome to you! I am so excited to welcome you to my new blog - where I will share the wonderful wisdom and energy of the amazing wild souls that I co-create with. As you learn more about their unique purpose and wisdom it assists you in gaining greater balance and peace in your life. Something I feel we all are calling out for in these troubled times we are witnessing.

After launching my brand new website back in March 2022, it seemed the natural progression to add this blog. I know many of you love reading more about the animals and what they have to teach us and this seems the perfect way to do it! I have written blogs for many years and I am so happy to be adding this to my website service, sharing my passion and love for wildlife and sharing how we can all strive to be better humans as we listen and learn from them.

If you already follow my Wildlife Wisdom News you will receive regular e-mails that link you to these posts, as I share them. If you don't yet follow me then please do go to my subscribe page HERE where you will not only receive my latest news and links to this blog straight to your inbox, but you'll also receive a 10% coupon to spend on your next order at my wildlife art shop!

So let me begin by sharing a little more about the Scottish Wildcat above - "Eyes That Say It All..." invites you to become more effective at standing your ground, knowing and holding steady to what is most important to you. Often silently observing, this super smart feline is a master of knowing when to be still and when to spring into action, always to achieve a focused and predetermined outcome with grace and precision. Natural leaders these beautiful and critically endangered felines urge us to "shape up" and to live in accordance with the laws of nature, taking only what we need and leaving no damage as we travel.

Watch out for my next post coming soon, do share this with others you feel would enjoy learning about Wildlife Wisdom too.

Much love Jules X


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