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"Flamingo Love" Teaching Balance

Flamingos are totally fascinating to me. As I co created with these two beautiful beings I quickly became aware of an ancient energy and wisdom that felt very similar to Dragon energy. Can you feel into this as you look into their eyes and connect with them from your heart? Recent evidence suggests that Flamingos have lived on the Earth for over 30 million years.... compared to us human folk they are the great, great, great grandfathers and mothers and have SO much to teach us.

Their wisdom and medicine comes from multiple elements, tied to Air, Earth and Water - which makes them very balanced and solid energetically. We can learn a huge amount from these wonderful ones about how to maintain balance in our day to day experience. They love to stand on one of their legs, totally in balance and totally relaxed, can we do this regardless of what is occurring around us?

They teach us that community is VITAL. They stay in huge numbers and work together to ensure their safety and survival. Their love for all of their kin is palpable and you can feel it so strongly in this piece.

Their beautiful colours are the colours of harmony, friendship, openness and tenderness.

They implore us to become far more aware of our ability to find and maintain peace and contentment, serenity and balance.

What is your social network like? Are you surrounding yourself with people who have your back and can be replied upon? Do you offer this same support and love in return to them? So much of human life has been fractured and damaged and is in great need of reparation and restoration.

They also ask "who is your clan?" who do you belong to and whose blood runs through your veins? Do you understand why you are here and what your ancestors brought forward and passed to you to continue moving forward with? This is important and never more so in today's human created life experience.

They also say to PAY ATTENTION - that life is beautiful and that it is love that makes it so. Love requires commitment and work.

Do you love Flamingos? Are you drawn to them? If you are then this message is especially important for you to hear, to digest and to work with. Sit with their image and allow yourself to go into a dream state and simply notice what comes up for you - be it thoughts, feelings, images, let these be absorbed without trying to find a logical answer. Be willing and ask for assistance to help you move more deeply into their teachings and pay attention to subtle signs and symbols that appear in your day to day life. They are always whispers, so stay awake and alert!

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