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Now Watch My "Weekly Wildlife Wisdom" Live Streams On You Tube

If you are interested in learning from our wonderful Wild Relatives - to more deeply understand their teachings and energy to help you to live a more balanced, healthy and fulfilling life then do come on over to my You Tube Channel.

As the name Weekly Wildlife Wisdom (WWW) suggests each Friday at 10am (UK) I focus on one wild species for around 15-20 minutes, sharing the ancient wisdom and energy that they bring to the world. Their energy is also a part of your energy and when we learn or re-member what this energy is and how to embrace and re-integrate it within ourselves we can grow tremendously in strength and balance.

Part of my Weekly Wildlife Wisdom is guided by ancient Celtic wisdom (my ancestors are from the Scottish Highlands) and partly by my intuitive communication directly with the species. This special combination brings together powerful guidance that I hope you will really enjoy and benefit from.

So, if this sounds interesting to you - hop on over to You Tube (you'll need a free account to subscribe) and subscribe to my channel here;

Once you subscribe to my channel you'll receive a weekly e-mail reminder. If you can't join me live, don't worry at all, the replays will be available to you whenever it is good for you to watch. I have just added Rabbit Wisdom - Grounded Creative Abundance, you can watch the replay now.

I love to receive your comments and questions too, so please do feel free to use the comment box to get in touch and also to request wild species for a future WWW.

I hope you will be able and will enjoy watching my WWW

Much love Jules X

P.S. I used to share these on my Instagram page bu switched to You Tube. Reason being, lots of you asked me to and they are more suited to this platform.


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