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Giant Panda Wisdom

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Giant Pandas bring all things back to balance and equilibrium. Their black and white fur denotes sacred feminine and masculine energy in perfect balance. With this beautiful balance comes harmony, peace, benevolence and gentleness. Their hearts are huge energetically and if you have ever been fortunate enough to have a close encounter with one of these gentle giants you may have felt your own heart expanding as you connect.

They solve problems through peace and love, imagine a world where we humans did the same... Don't be misled though, they are not pushovers and have clear and definite boundaries and won't be pushed about or abused in any way. Their personal space and territory is very sacred to them and they expect others to hold it sacred too. They are single minded, enormously strong and a very earthy, rooted bear. We can learn a lot from these wonderful beings. Ask Giant Pandas for help when you need to embrace any of these qualities, gentle strength, coming from a place of unconditional love with clear boundaries in place. They also teach us that slow and steady wins the race. Divine timing is unfolding and we must align with it and go with the natural ebbs and flows of the energy around us to lead more peaceful, gentle and balanced lives. Reach out to Giant Pandas and humbly request their help and they will help you to open up your heart further and further and walk your true path in life supported by the ever present source energy. I channelled a message from Giant Pandas whilst out in China in 2012 and you can read their message for us in my book "The Purpose of Species - Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond" You can order your copy HERE

If you love Giant Panda energy and wisdom please visit my "Gentle Strength" piece over at my shop. HE is a part of my Wild Soul Collection. You can view him HERE - my original fine art piece has SOLD but you can invest in him as a Sinterix print HERE. Greetings card packs will be available shortly. Photograph taken by myself in Chengdu, China 2012.

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