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Happy Year of The (Water) Rabbit Plus LAST few hours of my January Sale...

Greetings to you! I hope that you are feeling supported and enlightened by the beautiful feminine energy of the (water) Rabbit. This year promises to offer many new and abundant opportunities, after a Winter of quiet reflection and visualisation of all we wish to bring to life as Spring follows Winter.

I am delighted to say that I am still at the Peak Village as artist in residence and will continue my Wild Winter Solo Exhibition until the end of February. It is a real joy and pleasure to meet so many wildlife lovers who are enjoying viewing both of my collections - Wild Britain and Wild Soul in this light and bright space. I am having the most wonderful conversations with all kinds of people, fellow artists, wildlife photographers, art collectors, wildlife conservationists and many others! It is so good to be connecting with you all. Find all the details of my Exhibition HERE

I have been having a January sale on all my greetings cards and sinterix prints - so if you haven't seen it you still have until 10am (UK) Friday 27th January to place your orders here on my website, or until 3pm tomorrow at Peak Village. So do take a look and see if you can make some savings on my art. View my Website Shop HERE

I completed my latest Wild Soul piece "Sunrise Wren" a few days ago too - here is the completed piece - I hope you love her. The original is available to invest in HERE

She sits watching and feeling the golden sunrise, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to share her exquisite song with the World, changing everyone with it's sacred vibration. This beautiful Wren visits our cottage garden regularly and we hear her beautiful songs (and her warning rattle!) almost every day. The Celts revered Wrens and called them "Druid Shamen" believing that if you saw a Wren in the New Year you would be given sacred wisdom this coming year...

Sending love and brightest blessings, Jules XXX

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