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Introducing My New "Work in Progress" Celtic Wildlife Art

Hello there, as we march into March. Spring is well on her way and this always lifts my mood and energy. I hope you are doing well too and looking forward to the warmer, lighter days as Spring develops (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, that is).

Here is my latest piece. It is the first piece in my brand new collection. At this moment I neither have a name for the piece or the collection! I trust they will be forthcoming shortly.

This new piece is my largest to date. It measures 50cm x 70cm on pastelmat paper. I am working with soft pastels, pan pastels and pastel pencils. I free hand drew the entirety, as I do with all of my art. I work with a selection of photographs for reference, permissions granted.

In order to introduce you to this emerging piece I would like to share a little more about how I have arrived at my easel co-creating in this way.

My new collection, as you may have read elsewhere on my social media, is focused on Celtic/Druid tradition and symbology, centred around wildlife. My ancestry is over 60% Scottish Highlands with a sprinkling of Irish and Welsh blood. I have always been fascinated with the ancient beliefs that these nature centric, wise people held/hold dear. My very earliest memories are of being with and part of nature, especially when staying at my grandparents farm cottage in Morayshire in the Scottish Highlands. I always felt most at home there and still do, especially when outdoors surrounded by nature in the 1970's and 80's.

As a young girl I had no conscious knowledge of Celtic beliefs and traditions, yet as I grew older and learned more I realised that I had an innate knowing of them. The animals and birds, nature in her entirety, spoke to me and still does in so many amazing and comforting ways. I am so grateful for this and have actively spent the past 12 years of my life searching for more meaningful ways that I can give back to her - to show her how much I care. Within this time I have deeply developed and practiced intuitive animal communication and healing, drawing on these abilities in my art. I connect with each wild animal on a soul level and co create with them.

My art journey is gradually guiding me more deeply into my combined love of wildlife and my ancestral traditions, honouring all of nature. I share their wisdom and energy through my art and also through my Weekly Wildlife Wisdom videos (which you can watch on Instagram or You Tube. I donate at least 10% of every purchase made by you of my art, to wildlife organisations protecting them in their natural habitats.

I feel I will continue to be guided in this direction and am excited to follow my heart and to see how this unfolds.

So with all that said this first piece shares the combined energy, wisdom and truth of three very special beings, that emerged from my unconscious over a number of months through the Winter.

Firstly, is the Adder snake. Druids were sometimes known as Adders and the Adder is endemic to Scotland. The figure 8 is an expression of eternity, the never ending cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. In Celtic tradition it was understood that there are two worlds the World and the Under World or Other World. It is known that we pass through these doorways in an eternal cycle and that all phases are natural and sacred. The Adder (Snake) is a powerful Druid ally and holds energy and wisdom of the mysteries of these transformations, passing between the worlds and healing on all levels.

The Unicorn has been the symbolic mythical animal of Scotland for millennia and represents the sacred feminine energy of creativity, receptivity and sacred matriarchal leadership. Their horn is not actually physical, but energetic and it represents their connection to Great Spirit from their third eye or brow energy centre. They are connected to Source and offer interconnected service to the All through this pure connectivity. In the British Coat of Arms the Unicorn in chained. I leave you to consider what this is meant to symbolise. So many people I know have never even noticed, consciously, that they are chained.

Finally, the Lion, whilst no wild Lions remain in Scotland today, many years ago they once roamed this kingdom. They represent the sacred masculine leadership. The masculine energy is action oriented, bringing things to physical creation and is a powerful and faithful protector of the sacred feminine. They serve unconditionally and loyally acting upon the guidance of the sacred feminine.

In addition, this piece questions the Garden of Eden story. It challenges us to consider how we may return to a state of true freedom, remembering and following the guidance from the ancient peoples of the world who knew the truth about our inter connectivity and equality with all life. These ancient teachings guide us back to balance.

Within each of us is both feminine and masculine energy. With this piece I endeavour to evoke and encourage each of us to find our way back to this divine state of grace. Serving Great Spirit from a place of balanced sacred feminine and masculine energy. Imagine the difference this would make to our human impact on the whole of beautiful Mother Earth.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little more into the meaning behind my new piece. I will share more as I reach completion. I'd love to hear your reactions, comments and questions, please feel free to comment or to message me HERE


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