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Looking for Unique, Sustainable, Wildlife Xmas Gift Inspiration?

Well, its fast approaching that time of year when we start to look for special gifts to show our loved ones how much we care. If you're like me, which I have a feeling you might be, you are also conscious about treading lightly on this beautiful Earth. We are indeed interconnected with all living beings and it's vital we each do what we can to protect precious wildlife and nature.

Selecting conscious and light touch gifts is one great way of doing this. Buying gifts that are sustainable and last is something I'm passionate about and in turn this is why I create wildlife art with this in mind.

My printed works are created using quality papers, acid-free and long-life to ISO9706 'Permanent' grade. All papers are FSC and ISO14001 environmentally certified. Love From The Artist, who manage all my printing, support my art business and their printing is both high quality and ethical.

I use as little plastic as possible, paper tape and recyclable cardboard packaging. Sometimes I reuse jiffy type bags, which you in turn can reuse. I arrange for Royal Mail to collect my orders to reduce the use of my car (as we live rurally).

In addition to this, for every single item you invest in I donate at least 10% to wonderful wildlife organisations that are working hard to ensure wildlife thrives in their own natural habitats, including Polar Bears International, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, The Badger Trust and The Hare Preservation Trust.

So with all that said, let me share with you my 5 personal choices for special seasonal gifts, to offer you a little inspiration for those "perfect surprises" for your wildlife loving family and friends (and if you're like me, a gift or two for yourself as well!)

1) My Seasonal Wild Britain Limited Edition "Mini" Prints

Beaver, Jay and Squirrel Art
Wild Britain Mini Prints

Each season during 2023 I released three limited edition (20 of each) pieces from my Wild Britain Collection. Each one reflecting the energy of the species and season in their mini form! They look beautiful individually or clustered in any little nook or narrow space in your home, bringing such warmth and love.

They are each printed to Giclee standard and professionally mounted, hand numbered and signed by myself. In their mount they measure 21cm x 29.7cm (A4) and fit perfectly into a standard A4 frame. This makes them great gifts - without the need for a bespoke frame.

Take a look at all four seasons (I still have some of each available as I write this) to read more, to see each one and to pick your favourites. UK postage is included in this great value Limited Edition at just £27.50. Plus I donate 10% to wildlife charities for each one your purchase. A gift that truly gives!

2) A Special Original Fine Art For That Special Someone

"Snow Fox"

Close up Red Fox in a snowy scene
Snow Fox Original Fine Art

This season, why not treat your loved one to a one of kind, unique gift that will stand the test of time, bringing joy and peace to all who view him? "Snow Fox" is a beautifully co-created soft pastel original piece that was a joy for me to create and bring to life. If you feel drawn to him, or know a special someone that will, read on to learn more about his special wisdom and energy.

Red fox wisdom is so powerful and has an alchemical element, one that ushers in pure magic and awe, gracing your home with this beautiful energy. "Snow Fox" brings not only this magical fox energy but also the energy of water in crystalized form - snowflakes - each unique and special, precious and fleeting. Together they create a very special dynamic - they guide you to grab each moment and to treasure it, to make your life matter and to truly know how unique and special you are...that your gifts are needed in this world and make a difference.

Read more about this stunning "Snow Fox" and feel free to contact me to ask any questions you have. The investment for "Snow Fox" is £322. This piece will be carefully shipped to you already mounted and ready to frame. UK orders include postage and packaging too. For overseas orders please contact me so I can get the best value insured postage for you.

3) Wild Britain 2024 Wall Calendar - Practical and Beautiful

Hare art wall calendar image
Wild Britain Wall Calendar

My Wild Britain calendar makes such a lovely stocking filler gift for your wildlife loving friends and family. Each month features one of my Wild Britain collection with a full page calendar highlighting special dates including (much to my delight) Celtic and Moon phase details.

Measuring 42cm by 21cm opened on the wall this compact and beautiful calendar will fit into the perfect space for you to track your year's activities.

Take a look at my link below to get more images and details and to place your orders.

At just £13.99 each, including UK postage and packaging and with 10% of each purchase being donated to The Hare Preservation Trust it really is a gift that gives and gives.

4) Seasonal Greetings Card Packs

It's time to consider which seasonal greetings cards you would like to share with those special people in your life. If you (and they!) love wildlife these beautiful card packs bring the energy and wisdom of each species, alongside donating 10% to wildlife charities for every purchase. They are blank inside for you to add your own special message too.

Available in small or large size in 5's or 10's you can pick a mixture of packs or be a purest with one species for everyone! (Scroll through the gallery above to see my favourites). Prices from £10.50 inc. UK P&P.

Each card is beautifully printed by Love From The Artist and is fully recyclable.

For more information and to place your orders click the button below.

5) Great Bear of The North Limited Edition (5)

Mini Mounted Prints

Polar Bear Laying In His Snowy Landscape
Great Bear of the North Mini LE Print

My final recommendation is a very special "Great Bear of the North" Limited Edition print - just 5 will ever be created. The latest creation in my Wild Soul Collection this wintery scene shares the stunning energy of the Polar Bears and the North Star nestled into the Arctic Snow. His peaceful energy and love for his lands and the celestial skies makes this a magical co-creation that was a joy for me to paint. Created with soft pastels the stunning colours are so soft and blended that you can really feel he is a living part of the Arctic tundra, truly part of his lands.

Professionally printed and mounted, hand numbered and signed by me. Each mounted piece measures just 21cm x 29.7cm and fits perfectly into a standard A4 frame, meaning you can easily (and affordably) find the perfect frame, without needing to get a bespoke one made (unless you want to).

With just 5 of these available, they are highly collectible and at just £40 each including UK postage and packaging they will gain in value as time passes by. I also donate 10% of each to Polar Bears International.

If you love this special Limited Edition take a closer look by clicking the link below. If you want to place an order simply select Size - Medium.

So there you go! My top 5 gift choices - I hope you have enjoyed learning more about each and I hope you enjoy visiting my website if any/all of them catch your eye!

If you have any questions do feel free to contact me HERE and I will be delighted to help.

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