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Introducing Polar Bear "Great Bear of the North"

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Hello there dear reader, I only just realised how long it's been since my last blog post - so sorry about that! Time really does fly by... I hope that this post today makes up for the absence of my posting though!

I am thrilled and always honoured to introduce you to the Polar Bear "Great Bear of the North" my latest completed piece in my Wild Soul collection. I have always been in awe of these majestic bears and as we begin to approach the coming Winter and seasonal time he called to me and asked me to co create with him. I was so delighted!

Working with pan pastel, soft pastel and pitt pastel pencils I loved working with him to create this Winter wonderland where he peacefully contemplates his place in the Universe, being over looked by the powerful and beautiful North Star. It actually made me feel quite cold working with him even though it was actually beautifully warm in my studio! With the snow falling down in a thick blanket I hope you can see and feel how this magnificent bear naturally morphs into his landscape. He is one with his land.

Polar Bears are wonderfully strong, protective and wise beings. I got the distinct feeling that he was deep in thought and contemplating the future for not only his kind but for the whole Earth.

I named him "Great Bear of the North" because I love the ancient astrological constellation names and when I create a protective circle during my Celtic ancestral work the Great Bear of the North is always there as guardian of the northern land and sky. He presides over Winter, Midnight, the North and the element of Earth.

It was a wonderful challenge to work with his beautiful thick fur, when creating white fur you quickly realise, as an artist, that white is never actually white. There were many different colours in fact and it was such a great adventure working with him to find the intricate "almost" whites! It took me around 30 hours in total, over many days, to create this piece and it was a true privilege.

If you would like to learn more about the beautiful ancient wisdom and energy of the Polar Bears click this LINK to watch my recent Weekly Wildlife Wisdom Live over on my Instagram page. As part of this Live I read their beautiful message from my book "The Purpose of Species - Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond" where the collective consciousness of Polar Bears shares a message for our kind. It is powerful and oh so relevant today, just as it was when I channelled it back in 2010.

I am thrilled to share that this original artwork has already been sold and is winging his way over to North Carolina, USA. I was so delighted that the most wonderful soul felt called to him and will be stewarding him in her home very soon. His strong and powerful protection and guidance will surely bring many blessings for her and I couldn't be happier for them both!

As always I will be donating 10% of all purchases of his image. For the Polar Bear it will be directed to the Canadian charity Polar Bears International who are doing great work to protect these precious bears in their natural habitat. So for every purchase you make know that you will be helping to support these beautiful bears too.

I am offering beautiful sinterix prints (a special type of print that is equivalent in quality to Giclee) in a range of sizes starting at just £22.50. For the first time with my Wild Soul Collection I am offering a mini print which is just 14.8cm x 21cm - which makes the most beautiful framed piece for your home or as a very special gift for your loved ones. I also am offering a very special mounted and signed Limited Edition (5 only), total measurement in the mount is 21cm x 29.7cm and finally a larger 29.7cm x 21cm print - so you can choose according to the space you have in mind to hang him.

Of course, I am also offering beautiful greetings cards too in small or large size. These cards look so lovely and are perfect for Christmas, Yuletide, Winter Solstice and seasonal greetings, starting from £10.50 for five small cards. You can take a look, read more and place an order by clicking the quick links below:

If you live outside the UK, please contact me HERE instead of ordering online, so I can calculate the best postal price for you and I will send you an easy and safe payment e-mail. Just let me know what order you would like and which country you are in.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing and learning a little more about my latest co creation and that you love him as much as I do. I'd love to hear your comments below or feel free to e-mail me HERE I'd love to hear from you.

Warmest wishes and I promise to be back with another post soon! Jules XXX

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