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Does Badger Wisdom Speak To You?

Welcome to my second blog post - where I will share more with you about the wonderful wisdom of the Badger. I have been having a lovely chat with Jo, a member of our Wildlife Wisdom community, who was picked as June's monthly prize draw winner, and she was sharing how she loves my Wild Britain piece "The Indomitable Badger" (pictured above) and so this lovely chat inspired me to share this amazing being's wisdom with you all today, I hope you enjoy it!

Badgers are incredibly tough, resilient, grounded and tenacious. Earthy and really rooted deeply into mother earth, which is a formidable combination. Living in the Earth as they do in their Setts they harness the energy and power of mother earth very effectively. They offer us wisdom about how to stay resilient and determined to follow our own calling and path in life.

If you are finding modern day life challenging (I'm guessing that's many of us!) reach out to Badger to ask for their guidance and support. They will help you to reconnect to that deep part within yourself (yes we all have one) that is infinitely powerful and tough, beyond the physical dimension, the part of us that is as deeply connected and a part of Earth as Badger is. This part of ourselves knows how to stay grounded, how to build resilience and how to keep moving, slowly but steadily towards the things and ways that are of most important to us in our hearts. Balance is key, calm persistence and trust in the support of the all, helping you on your way.

Badgers also teach us that we strengthened by the bonds we have with our family and community and that this is vital part of our growing and balanced strength. Badgers have incredibly tight bonds with their clans and take care of each other, no matter what.

As part of the human species, sadly we are often really challenged with our family and community relationships, as we have veered off the path of balance and natural equilibrium, so it can be very tricky to be true to yourself and to have great relationships with all our family members, yet Badger encourages us to work on ourselves, to be honest and fair to ourselves and to extend that fairness and maturity to others in our clans without letting them abuse us in any way. Boundaries are key and no Badger will tolerate another violating the laws of the Badger nation...

If you love Badgers and their amazing wisdom I'd love to hear from you in the comments or you can contact me on my website contact page.

Watch out for my next Wildlife Wisdom blog post coming soon...

Love Jules X

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