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The Kenning Fox Wisdom

If you have ever been fortunate enough to encounter a wild Fox and spent even a few moments in their company you will have been touched in a way you may not even be aware of. If you were still and quiet inside, with an open and loving heart you will have been able to feel into who these amazing beings are, how ingenious, wise and knowing they are and how this knowing or "kenning" is also a part of you too. My ancestry is Celtic and I have always connected deeply with the Druid wisdom, honouring and revering nature, knowing we are an integral and co-dependent part of her. That each being around us on Mother Earth is also within ourselves. We are all part of each other. The Celtic word for knowing (deep wisdom passed on through countless generations of beings who have lived and walked this Earth for millions of years) is kenning and so this is why I named my piece of art "The Kenning Fox" - he is a part of my Wild Britain Collection.

So who are these amazing beings? They hold a special kind of savvy and wisdom that we could all aspire to, adapting and shifting our behaviours and actions according to all that comes about in our life. Quickly and adeptly moving with, rather than against. Being so flexible that any obstacles or threats are avoided before they become an issue. Anticipating the movements of their fellow companions on this Earth and acting accordingly to survive and thrive.

They are able to achieve this by skillfully being able to be invisible to others, there they can watch, observe and learn all they need to before making their own moves. As with all of nature (except sadly our own species) their motives are pure and simple. To protect themselves and their young. To survive and thrive as best as they can, in balance with all around them.

They are also incredibly resilient, dedicating themselves to solve and adapt to any challenge. Sadly today in the UK most Foxes are forced to live in the cities and sub urban environments, scavenging for food from human wastage. Much of our countryside is so nature depleted that they simply can't sustain themselves and their families any more.

So what can you learn about yourself by considering your own inner Fox wisdom? Where do you need to grow and learn in these areas? How would this change your life experience? I'd love to hear your comments below.

If you love "The Kenning Fox" and want to bring his energy and wisdom into your home or to gift him to a loved one please do visit my shop where you can invest in a beautiful print HERE or my greetings cards packs HERE.


Unknown member
Sep 03, 2022

As you know, Jules, we're very fortunate where we live to see foxes from time to time, in the fields and even in our garden! We get so excited when we see them and love to think that we're all sharing this beautiful space. Foxes seem to be everywhere for me at the moment, so this wisdom is of particular interest to me just now. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown member
Sep 05, 2022
Replying to

Aww, thank you! 😊💙🙏 xxx

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